From The Founder

From The Founder




First of all thankyou for stopping by, it is an awesome priviledge to be part of your haircare journey.  It really warms my heart to see how much a ladies crown can put a spring in her step and lift her up to achieve great things, giving her the fortitude she needs to overcome difficulties. It is not just hair! It is everything.

Over the span of two decades I have been styling crowns, hairstyling  has always been an expression of my art and creativity being like a canvas through which I transform looks and boost confidence. It has helped me understand different hair types, textures, and styles. I have gathered all my expertise and experience and poured it into the Crown Royale Hair Line offering luxury products and services at competitive market prices. Our mission is to provide luxury products that are sure to lift you up. Crown Royale is the place where luxury meets efficacy and products do what they are intended to do. I use and trust them and you can too. Take advantage of our generous customer loyalty program and redeem for any service or products a thankyou gift from me to you.

 I am committed to continuous learning, growth and development so I can better meet your haircare needs. I commit to staying on the cutting edge of new techniques, trends and styles always striving for excellence.

The joy of making clients feel beautiful and empowered will always be my driving force. the connections and trust forged along the way will always be something I cherish. 

To all those who have given me the opportunity to be part of their haircare journey thankyou, you are the reason I do what I do. To those whom I am still yet to discover , I cant wait to meet you! Come see me at my London West Ealing based salon for tea/coffee and cakes!

keep that crown looking pretty, do it with style and it doesn't hurt to throw in a little luxury too... :)

Yours sincerely Xx

Sariette Fri Tichaa

Entrepreneur, Stylist, Public Speaker, 

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